Blockchain Training Courses

The market for blockchain developers is 100x greater than the number of available software developers. Firms seeking to launch their blockchain initiatives are NOT going to have the development resources to do so.  Creating a HUGE opportunity.

Individuals and companies seeking take advantage of this disruptive technology need to manage their human capital.  Training and hiring staff will be paramount to the success of any blockchain implementation. The Blockchain Academy is here to help.

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Some Current Blockchain Academy Courses

Blockchain Security

A 2-day course that is a deep dive into the world of blockchain security. Addressing blockchain basics, fundamentals, node and wallet security,

Bitcoind security, blockchain security tools and covering practical blockchain usage.

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Blockchain Architecture

A 3-day program that delivers an independent view of the role and structure of a blockchain implementation. 

This course focuses on the strategic decisions surrounding blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Regulatory Environment

This ON-DEMAND intensive course (equal to 2 days) covers blockchain regulations, US Laws, European Laws, other blockchain Jurisdictions, with a deep summary of Regulations by use case.

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Blockchain Training for the Enterprise

The Blockchain Academy offers customized learning framework that can deliver needed blockchain knowledge to your business or corporation. Allowing you to understand the threats as well as opportunities of this complex technology.

Organized to appeal to professionals and developers seeking to have a greater understanding of the impact of Blockchain and its most famous use-case Bitcoin.

Our programs are organized into progressive learning paths allowing knowledge to build over time.

ALL of our courses can be delivered as a company-specific training, tailor-made to fit an organizational needs. On-site and online training is cost-effective, flexible and can be conducted at the location that best suits your organization.

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Meet Some of Our Instructors

With our instructors having extensive industry experience, you'll be sure to learn from the best of the best.

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