Become a Blockchain Expert

Live and Online Training Courses that are designed for Stakeholders, Managers and Developers seeking to better understand the impact of Blockchain. These are progressive courses that build upon each other for a deeper and more intensive understanding of Blockchain.

Blockchain Training for the Enterprise

The Blockchain Academy offers customized learning framework that can deliver needed blockchain knowledge to your business or corporation. Allowing you to understand the threats as well as opportunities of this complex technology.

Organized to appeal to professionals and developers seeking to have a greater understanding of the impact of Blockchain and its most famous use-case Bitcoin.

Our programs are organized into progressive learning paths allowing knowledge to build over time.

ALL of our courses can be delivered as a company-specific training, tailor-made to fit an organizational needs. On-site and online training is cost-effective, flexible and can be conducted at the location that best suits your organization.

Some Current Blockchain Academy Courses

Ethereum: Zero to dApp

This 2-weeks course is designed for web/app developers who wish to understand how to create and/or integrate Ethereum based apps. The course gives a top down view of all the important aspects in creating such an app .

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Smart Contract Workshop

This is a weekend hands-on deep dive into the world of smart contracts delivered live. This course allows for individuals to access training without disruption to their weekday jobs.

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Hyperledger Developers Workshop

This course will take you through all of the steps required to deploy  Hyperledger Fabric distributed ledger technology, and attach the Hyperledger Composer module that allows you to build concise, data-modeled smart contracts.

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Some of Our Instructors

With our instructors having extensive industry experience, you'll be sure to learn from the best of the best.

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