The Blockchain Academy Inc.

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The Blockchain Academy, Inc. is a global firm that has training as its sole focus. The Blockchain Academy’s commitment is to create and deliver highly engaging training for blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Academy, Inc. is one of the first learning organizations to provide a truly dynamic educational training platform. As an organization that roots were founded in the classroom delivery, we have amassed years of experience in delivering training both live and digitally.

Our instructors, consultants, and management team have a wealth of financial knowledge and experience gained from over thirty years of working experience. Our instructors and education group have designed, developed and delivered training programs globally to many of these leading institutions and our software development team consists of some highly gifted programmers, designers, and educators, who understand it’s about the end-user learning experience and the business goals.

Our public offerings include: –  Our crypto indices and benchmarks – blockchain development consulting

Customer Orientation: We strive to…

  • Listen and respond to our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders
  • Clearly communication mutual intentions and expectations
  • Deliver innovative and competitive products
  • Make it easy to work with us
  • Excel at customer service

Risk-Taking:  We strive to…

  • Foster innovation and creative thinking
  • Embrace change and challenge the status quo
  • Listen to all ideas and viewpoints
  • Learn from our successes and mistakes
  • Encourage and reward informed risk-taking

Results-Oriented:  We strive to…

  • Conduct business with integrity and professionalism
  • Make and meet commitments
  • Set challenging and competitive goals
  • Focus on output
  • Assume responsibility
  • Constructively confront and solve problems.
  • Dominate our respective markets

Corporate Strategy and Values