Blockchain technology, which is best known for powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, major financial institutions are working both independently and with upcoming FinTech companies to develop blockchain technology.  Capital spending for blockchain applications are growing at a 52% annual compounded growth rate.  That growth is expect to continue through 2019. The technology could cut costs by up to $20 billion annually by 2022, according to Santander.

Blockchain, which operates as a distributed ledger, has the ability to allow multiple parties to transfer and store sensitive information in a space that’s secure, permanent, anonymous, and easily accessible. That could simplify logistically complicated financial systems, like trade settlement, wealth management, payments, and securities trading, to name a few.

Outside of finance, governments and other sectors are investigating the technology’s potential to simplify record-keeping for property records, voting, and music.

Venture capital firms and financial institutions alike are pouring investment into finding, developing, and testing blockchain use cases. Over 50 major financial institutions are involved with collaborative blockchain startups, have begun researching the technology in-house, or have helped fund startups with products rooted in blockchain.

With a current market value of over $1.7 billion, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that may be the most significant invention in recent memory, yet many are still unclear about its significance.

CapitalWave currently provides three online and live courses for blockchain and bitcoin technology. We cover the basics of blockchain, look at how Bitcoin works under the hood, explore blockchain’ s brief and fascinating history, and show you the practical usage of blockchain technology.

Our current course offerings are:

Blockchain Foundations – a 2 day program
Blockchain Intensive I – a 1 day program
Blockchain Intensive II: the Financial Sector – a 1 day intensive program

We are able to deliver these courses with via video, live Instructor-Led-Training, or a combination delivery.

For more information, please contact: Bryant Nielson, Executive Director at: (212)658-0012

Here are some videos from the actual courses: