The Blockchain Academy is a founding member of the Blockchain Certification Association.

We believe that blockchain certifications are serious.

We wanted to avoid the temptation to create our own certifications and peddle them off to an unsuspecting public and unsuspecting companies.  We want everyone to know that our courses and course graduates are receiving the highest quality training and that what they learn is of value to industry.

We happily provide our course delegates with ‘Certificates of Attendance”.

Nevertheless, attendance is not the same as a certification.

Certification denotes mastery of a topic.

It is our entire objective to represent to everyone that our training is truly enterprise class and that those who complete our courses, are capable of passing rigorous testing insuring that companies who hire them are confident in the persons abilities.

The Blockchain Academy works in conjunction with the Blockchain Certification Association on all certificate programs.

To learn more about Blockchain Certifications, visit their website at: