Blockchain for the Enterprise

1 Day LIVE program

The outcome of this course is to provide individuals with a general overview of bitcoin and the blockchain. Attendees will learn more about what bitcoin is, its history, how to use bitcoin: storing bitcoin in a wallet, buying and selling bitcoin on an online exchange, as well as sending and receiving bitcoin from one person to another without the need for a trusted third party.

The course also provides an overview of the blockchain: how transactions are stored on the blockchain, how mining works through consensus, the differences between permissioned and permissionless blockchains and why these differences are important.

The course further explains current use cases and opportunities this technology provides in terms of include smart contracts, payment rails, immutable ledger, proof of ownership, remittances and micro-transactions. It also discusses alternatives to bitcoin and the bitcoin blockchain.

The course touches on current regulation and compliance globally.

This course provides attendees with an insight into the future of this technology in terms of innovation and disruption of existing traditional systems and processes.

Prerequisites:  No blockchain knowledge required.

Course size: min 7, max 20

The Blockchain Academy reserves the right to cancel the Blockchain Essentials I course at least 24 hours in advance via Email if we have not received seven or more confirmed applications. If the Blockchain Developer Workshop is canceled by The Blockchain Academy then full refunds will be made. This means that the participant is aware that the event is not guaranteed to take place at the time of reservation.


1.     Module 1: Introduction

  • Money and currency
  • Digital currencies explained
  • History of Bitcoin

2.     Module 2: The Blockchain

  • 101 of the Blockchain
  • How are transactions stored on the Blockchain
  • What is Bitcoin mining
  • Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchains
  • Side chains

3.     Module 3: Using Bitcoin

  • Where and how to get bitcoins
  • How to store bitcoins in a wallet
  • How to send and receive bitcoins
  • How to trade bitcoins on on-line exchanges
  • Bitcoin pricing and volatility

4.     Module 4: Bitcoin Security

  • Security issues and the pseudo-anonymity of Bitcoin
  • Security measures such as multi-signature transactions
  • Backing up and restoring wallets

5.     Module 5: Bitcoin Compliance, Regulation and Tax

  • Regulation globally and in the US
  • Bitcoin compliance
  • Money laundering and fraud

6.     Module 6: The Future of Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin for remittances in emerging economies
  2. Digital currencies and financial institutions
  3. Digital currencies and innovation
  4. The value of Bitcoin and the Blockchain as a technology
  5. Alternatives to Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Blockchain For the Enterprise

This course is only delivered LIVE.
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