Blockchain and the Insurance Sector

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Blockchain and the Insurance Sector course provides a in-depth understanding of the impact of blockchain on the insurance marketplace, specifically the healthcare sector, and how accounting will be impacted. It is not essential for attendees to have any blockchain knowledge, however understanding the technology of blockchain technology offers a high value to those investing in instruments that rely on this technology.

Course attendees will gain an insight into the impact of blockchain as it relates to accounting services within the health care sector.

Prerequisites:  None


Module 0 – Course Introduction 

  • Understanding the Size, Scope and Impact of Blockchain Technology
    • IT investment
    • InsuranceTech Investment
    • Why the fuss?
  • Blockchain Origin

Module 1 – Blockchain 101 

  • An overview of blockchain basics
    • What is blockchain technology
    • Properties of a Blockchain
    • Public and Private and Hybrid (consortium) blockchains
    • Blockchain Taxonomy
    • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain beyond Cryptocurrencies
  • Performance characteristics – speed, scalability and platform maintenance

Module 2 – Blockchains Impact on Insurance

  • Scope of the Insurance Market
  • Property and Casualty (liability) P&C
    • Insurance application and underwriting
    • Claims Processing and Management
    • Property Provenance and history
    • Blockchain Use Case
  • Health
    • Digital Health Records
    • Smart Contracts and claims processing and management
    • Blockchain Use Case
  • Life and Annuity – L&A
    • Application and underwriting
    • Digital health records
    • Smart Contracts and claims processing
    • Blockchain Use Case
  • Reinsurance
    • Smart contracts and claims processing
    • Blockchain Use Case
  • Derivatives
    • Weather Derivatives Use Case
  • What applications are successful in the current environment
  • Market Trends

Module 3 – Barriers to Blockchain Implementation

  • Industry Barriers
  • Technology Governance
  • Sector Participation
  • Technology scalability
  • Human Capital

Module 4 – Opportunities and Risk in Insurance

  • Current state of technology
  • Opportunity assessments – How blockchain may enhance today’s accounting practice
  • Blockchain based accounting
  • Blockchain and the future of Audit
  • Compliance with accounting standards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Vision and Opportunities
    • Auditor of smart contacts and oracles
    • Service auditor of consortium blockchains
    • Administrator of blockchains
    • Arbitration of blockchain issues
  • Strategies and Barriers
  • Embracing Disruption

Blockchain and the Insurance Sector

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