Corporate On-Boarding Training

“The current onboarding processes at many … institutions are anachronistic. Fortunately, advances in technology offer solutions to the onboarding operation which are being deployed with enthusiasm. However, to be most effective the … community must all pull in the same direction…”

– PwC: The Future of Onboarding (December 2016)

How do you get all of your staff up-to-speed?

Organizations all have their own unique culture.  Bringing on new staff requires that they have a base understanding of what blockchain and crypto economics can bring to an organization. Prepare and plan for success. Train your new hires on industry standards, best practices, how to be leaders within your organization.

Often new teams and companies do not have the ability to provide this training.  Even if they do, they may not have the capacity and bandwidth to create and curate the content.

Bring your staff up-to-speed quickly. Doing so has immediate value to an organization.

The Blockchain Academy can help.

We offer a number of “on-demand” training courses that your new staff can access 24/7.  Allowing for them to ‘fill in their knowledge gaps’ about this disruptive technology.

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