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  • Q4 Hyperledger Fabric Cohort 2019 (starts Oct 7th, 2019)
  • Q4 Hyperledger Corda Cohort 2019 (starts Oct 7th, 2019)
  • Q1 Hyperledger Fabric Cohort 2019 (starts Jan 6, 2020)
  • Q1 Hyperledger Sawtooth Cohort 2019 (starts Jan 6, 2020)
  • Q1 Hyperledger EOS Cohort 2019 (starts Jan 6, 2020)


For individual course outlines:


9:00 AM – Live Instructor Training 11:30 AM – Meal Break 12:00 PM – Return 2:00 PM – Finished


The cost for the Hyperledger Fabric cohort is: $10,000
Payment for the program can be managed a number of different ways:

  • You or your firm could pay the course tuition up front.
  • You can sign an Installment Payment Agreement (IPA) – for explanation see below.
  • You can finance it (providing you are approved) via PayPal Credit.

Early-Bird Registration.

For individuals and companies choosing to pay up-front, we are offering an additional 10% discount if you pay for your course before June 12th.  Program cost for these early-bird registrants is: $7,500

Currently Employed?

Consider asking your boss to pay for it. Are you already working with your dream company and don’t want to be placed but are still interested in this up-skilling opportunity? The Blockchain Academy has made available an extremely attractive corporate discount for companies to take advantage of, to assist them in the up-skilling of their human capital (that’s you!) and their exploration of Blockchain solutions. You can even have your own company team train alongside the cohort in a semi-private learning experience at the same discounted rates.

Installment Payment Agreement.

All cohort participants (excluding company sponsored) will sign a Installment Payment Agreement for the course tuition. HOWEVER, any participant who graduates and we successfully place them with a new employer, in that situation we WAIVE the program cost.  You get if for FREE.

You want to do your own thing?

Don’t care to be placed, and are not currently employed by someone else, you can still participate in the bootcamps.  Your responsibility is for the cost of the program.  You can pay for that upfront or agree to pay it with our Installment Payment Agreement Installment Payment Agreement. This is a standard payment agreement that provides you with the ability to pay for the bootcamp tuition over a 12 or 24 month period.  The interest rate (10-16%) for the IPA is determined by your personal credit report and subject to standard underwriting guidelines. Payment on the IPA does not start until 3-months after the cohort is completed. There is no prepayment penalty on our IPA.


  • Applications are reviewed within within 5 days
  • After we receive your application, you will be invited for a 15 minute Skype interview.
  • After the interview, you will need to take a node.js programming assessment
  • Course material will be available online