About Us

The Blockchain Academy, Inc. is a division of CapitalWave Inc. a global firm that has training as its sole focus. The Blockchain Academy's commitment is to create and deliver highly engaging training for the blockchain technology.  

The Blockchain Academy, Inc. is one of the first learning organizations to provide a truly dynamic educational training platforms. As an organization that’s roots were founded in the classroom delivery, we have amassed years of experience in delivering training.

Our instructors, consultants and management team have a wealth of financial knowledge and experience gained from over thirty years working experience. Our instructors and education group have designed, developed and delivered training programs globally to many of these leading institutions and our software development team consists of some highly gifted programmers, designers and educators, who understand its about the end user learning experience and the business goals.

Our public offerings include:
www.Blockchain360.co - our blockchain podcast 
www.CryptoIndices.io -  Our crypto indices and benchmarks.

Book Bryant Nielson to Speak at your Conference


April 3-5: Blockchain Expo – London: Speaker “Human Capital Considerations for Blockchain Implementation”

June 24-26: Chief Financial Officer Exchange – Atlanta: Speaker “Human Capital Considerations for Blockchain Implementation”


April 3-5: Blockchain Expo – London: Moderator “Blockchain's Impact in the Financial Sector”

May 3-5: Quantech Blockchain Innovations Conference – NYC: Speaker “Blockchain as a Disruptive Technology”

May 17-18 The Trading Show – Chicago: Speaker “The Blockchain Tsunami”

June 1-2 European Blockchain Expo - Berlin: Speaker "The Need for Blockchain Education"

Jun 26-27 Mobile Contactless Payments Innovations Summit, Chicago: Speaker “Blockchains impact on Payments and Remittances”

Aug 15 ICO Conference, Moscow Russia: Speaker "ICO's and Fraud"

Sept 15-16 Cryp Trade Conference, Antalya Turkey: Keynote: "Blockchain Tsunami"

Oct 12 The Company Dime, Teleconference: Speaker, "Introduction to Blockchain"

Oct 17 MassChallenge Mexico City: Speaker “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Oct 24-25 World Blockchain Summit – Dubai UAE: Speaker “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Nov 4th Temple University - Philadelphia - "Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto Currencies"

November 10th LatAM Conference - Miami, FL "Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

November 15-17: RESET Conference, El Paso Texas - "Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

November 21: Hacking HR, NYC: Speaker - "The Coming War for Blockchain Talent"

Nov 29-30 Blockchain Expo – Santa Clara, CA: "The Blockchain Revolution"

Dec 6-7 KICKICO Conference - Moscow Russia: "Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

To have Bryant Nielson speak at your event, email him at: [email protected]