Bryant Nielson

Bryant Nielson is the Founder of The Blockchain Academy. The Blockchain Academy is a division of CapitalWave Inc. a global training firm with a focus on the Capital Markets.

Bryant has written extensively about Blockchain and is a regular speaker at numerous blockchain conferences globally. He has delivered talks at numerous conferences in New York, Chicago, London, Mexico City and Dubai. He is also the host of a blockchain podcast: Blockchain360.

He currently delivers courses on Blockchain Essentials as well as Blockchain for Lawyers.

Adi Ben-Ari

Adi Ben-Ari a co-founder of Applied Blockchain has extensive experience in enterprise technology spanning almost two decades. He has delivered major software projects with major institutions both in the UK and abroad in different industries including finance . He is a noted and recognized expert in the blockchain field and talks frequently at conferences and industry forums (most recently at Blockchain London in January), and has lead the delivery of a number of Blockchain smart contract solutions.

Adi has delivered numerous workshops to clients to help with the understanding of the concepts behind blockchain and draw out potential use cases that may help our clients. Adi is also a co-founder of Tallystocks which has been accepted into the highly competitive Barclay's Techstars program recently.

Ari is one of the instructors for the Blockchain Foundations Course.

Kartik Natarajan

Kartik Natarajan is a co-founder of Applied Blockchain and has over two decades experience in the financial industry, both with a business focus as well as delivering large technology programs for large tier-one investment banks. Kartik has worked mainly in the capital markets area of banks with a focus in derivatives and risk across a range of asset classes.

Kartik is a participant in many industry forums and round tables focusing on the future of blockchain technology on the finance industry and its impact. At Applied Blockchain Kartik has led the delivery of a number of blockchain smart contract solutions to clients. Kartik has also led workshop sessions with clients to help with the understanding of blockchain and its potential uses to their businesses.

Kartikis one of the instructors for the Blockchain Foundations as well as the Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive courses.

Vic Arulchandran

Vic is the COO and Analytics at Nivaura. Vic has a PhD in Pure and Applied Mathematics, and is a skilled quantitative and big-data analyst in finance and health-care. In addition he has worked across multiple industries in strategic market analysis and product management. In Nivaura Vic is focused on operations, and design and testing analytics and risk models.

Vic is the instructors for the Blockchain Financial Sector Course.

Shlomi Zeltsinger

Shlomi has been delivering Blockchain and Ethereum training for the past 3 years. He has created dozens of courses, both for online and live delivery.

He currently delivers courses on Etherum dApps, Smart Contracts as well is the primary instructor of the Blockchain Boot Camp.

Melvin Petties

Melvin has been a technology consultant for the past 10 years. His focus is on digital transformations and is a SharePoint architect. He has created courses, for both online and live delivery.

He currently is the instructor for the Hyperledger Workshop.