Get Bryant Nielson to Speak at your Conference

Bryant Nielson, the Founder of The Blockchain Academy is frequently asked to speak at blockchain conferences globally.  Below is a list of conferences he has spoken at.  To get him to speak at your conference email us at: [email protected] 

2018 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Bryant Nielson

November 29: Blockchain Expo, Santa Clara: Moderator: "Cryptocurrencies and Regulations"

November 28: Blockchain Expo, Santa Clara: Moderator: "Cybersecurity and the Blockchain"

November 13: Clemson University C-Suite Sessions: Keynote: "Blockchain Technology is Real"

October 18: 2018 Mars Blockchain Summit NYC:  Panelist: "Public Blockchain Governance and Application"

October 9-10: Blockchain East: NYC: Moderator: "Blockchain and Insurance"
Panelist: "UX usability for Blockchain Adoption"

September 28th: AI Blockchain Confex - NYC: Panelist: "Impact of Compliances and Regulations on Blockchain Adoption"

August 2nd: Blockchain Fireside Chat - Jersey City: Panelist: "Breaking Down the Chain"

June 24-26: Chief Financial Officer Exchange – Atlanta: Speaker “Human Capital Considerations for Blockchain Implementation”

May 12: Blockchain Without Borders Summit 2018 - NYC: Panelist: “How Blockchain Technology Drives Innovation”

May 10th: Blockchain Tech Summit - NYC: Moderator: What is Blockchain Really and Why Does it Matter?

April 26th: Blockchain+EDU - Boston MA: Speaker: "Blockchain Education Right Now"

April 22nd : Armenia Blockchain Forum – Armenia: Keynote “The Blockchain Tsunami”

April 17th CleanTech Expo - NYC: Speaker "Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Cities"

April 4th: CFA Insitute Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA: Speaker "Blockchain - a Bright Idea in Technology"

March 28th: Blockchain West Conference - SF, CA: Moderator "Human Capital Considerations of Blockchain Implementations"

March 22nd: GSK Innovation Summit - Philadelphia PA: Moderator " Blockchain's Impact on Health-care"

March 21st: Nielson Tech Talks - NYC: Speaker "Blockchain - a Bright idea in Technology"

March 17th: BlockInvest Summit - Boston MA: Moderator "Crypto or Blockchain Bubble"

Feb 22nd: DC Digital Asset Investment Forum - Washington DC - Panelist “Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Future”

Feb 15th: 6-Figures Blockchain Series - NYC: Panelist "Is Digital Currency the Next Internet"

Feb 9th: BlockchainNYC - NYC: Moderator "The Regulatory Impact on Blockchain"

2017 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Bryant Nielson

Dec 6-7 CryptoSpace Conference - Moscow Russia: Keynote - "Blockchain's Tectonic Shift”

Nov 29-30 North American Blockchain Expo – Santa Clara, CA: Speaker -"The Blockchain Revolution"

November 21: Hacking HR, NYC: Speaker - "The Coming War for Blockchain Talent"

November 15-17: RESET Conference, El Paso Texas - "Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

November 10th Morgan Stanley LatAM Conference - Miami, FL "Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Nov 4th Temple University - Philadelphia - "Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto Currencies"

Oct 24-25 World Blockchain Summit – Dubai UAE: Speaker “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Oct 17 MassChallenge Mexico City: Speaker “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Oct 12 The Company Dime Speaker Series: Speaker, "Introduction to Blockchain"

Sept 15-16 CrypTrade Congress II, Antalya Turkey: Keynote: "Blockchain Tsunami"

Aug 15 KICKICO Conference, Moscow Russia: Speaker "ICO's and Fraud"

Jun 26-27 Mobile Contactless Payments Innovations Summit, Chicago: Speaker “Blockchains impact on Payments and Remittances”

June 1-2 European Blockchain Expo - Berlin: Speaker "The Need for Blockchain Education"

May 17-18 The Trading Show – Chicago: Speaker “The Blockchain Tsunami”  Planelist "Bitcoin Bubble?"

May 3-5: Quantech Blockchain Innovations Conference – NYC: Speaker “Blockchain as a Disruptive Technology”

April 3-5: Blockchain Expo – London: Moderator “Blockchain's Impact in the Financial Sector”

2016 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Bryant Nielson

Oct 24: Finninovation Summit – Philadelphia, PA: Speaker “Transformative Technologies”