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Bryant Nielson, the Founder of The Blockchain Academy is frequently asked to speak at blockchain conferences globally. Below is a list of conferences he has spoken at:

2020 SPEAKING APPEARANCES – Bryant Nielson

Jan 31: Government Blockchain Association, US Capital, Washington DE: Speaker: “Enterprise Barriers to Blockchain Deployment”

2019 SPEAKING APPEARANCES – Bryant Nielson

December 8th: ELEV8 Conference, Las Vegas: Panelist: “Emerging Trends in Blockchain Technology”

November 10: PrincetonHackathon, Princeton, NJ:  Hackathon Judge

November 9: Blockchain Weekend NYC, NYC: Moderator for the Day

Sept 14-15: Government Blockchain Association, George Mason University, Washington DE: Panelist: “Global Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Adoption”

Sept 13: Applied AI and Machine Learning Conference, NYC: Speaker: “Barriers to Blockchain/AI Implementation”

Sept 10: Blockchain Tech Summit Powered by Future Tech Week, NYC: Panelist: “Top Blockchain Trends, Tools and Applications of Blockchain Technology

July 4-5: ISCEA MENA Conference, Paris, France: Keynote: “Blockchain and the Supply Chain”

April 26: Blockchain Expo, London: Speaker: “Human Capital and Blockchain Deployment”

March 30:  Government Blockchain Association,  George Washington University ,Washington DC: Panelist: “The Future of Money Governance and the Law”

2018 SPEAKING APPEARANCES – Bryant Nielson

November 29: Blockchain Expo, Santa Clara: Moderator: “Cryptocurrencies and Regulations”

November 28: Blockchain Expo, Santa Clara: Moderator: “Cybersecurity and the Blockchain”

November 13: Clemson University C-Suite Sessions: Keynote: “Blockchain Technology is Real”

October 18: 2018 Mars Blockchain Summit NYC:  Panelist: “Public Blockchain Governance and Application”

October 9-10: Blockchain East: NYC: Moderator: “Blockchain and Insurance”
Panelist: “UX usability for Blockchain Adoption”

September 28th: AI Blockchain Confex – NYC: Panelist: “Impact of Compliance and Regulations on Blockchain Adoption”

August 2nd: Blockchain Fireside Chat – Jersey City: Panelist: “Breaking Down the Chain”

June 24-26: Chief Financial Officer Exchange – Atlanta: Speaker “Human Capital Considerations for Blockchain Implementation”

May 12: Blockchain Without Borders Summit 2018 – NYC: Panelist: “How Blockchain Technology Drives Innovation”

May 10th: Blockchain Tech Summit – NYC: Moderator: What is Blockchain Really and Why Does it Matter?

April 26th: Blockchain+EDU – Boston MA: Speaker: “Blockchain Education Right Now”

April 22nd : Armenia Blockchain Forum – Armenia: Keynote “The Blockchain Tsunami”

April 17th CleanTech Expo – NYC: Speaker “Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Cities”

April 4th: CFA Insitute Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA: Speaker “Blockchain – a Bright Idea in Technology”

March 28th: Blockchain West Conference – SF, CA: Moderator “Human Capital Considerations of Blockchain Implementations”

March 22nd: GSK Innovation Summit – Philadelphia PA: Moderator ” Blockchain’s Impact on Health-care”

March 21st: Nielson Tech Talks – NYC: Speaker “Blockchain – a Bright idea in Technology”

March 17th: BlockInvest Summit – Boston MA: Moderator “Crypto or Blockchain Bubble”

Feb 22nd: DC Digital Asset Investment Forum – Washington DC – Panelist “Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Future”

Feb 15th: 6-Figures Blockchain Series – NYC: Panelist “Is Digital Currency the Next Internet”

Feb 9th: BlockchainNYC – NYC: Moderator “The Regulatory Impact on Blockchain”

2017 SPEAKING APPEARANCES – Bryant Nielson

Dec 6-7 CryptoSpace Conference – Moscow Russia: Keynote – “Blockchain’s Tectonic Shift”

Nov 29-30 North American Blockchain Expo – Santa Clara, CA: Speaker -“The Blockchain Revolution”

November 21: Hacking HR, NYC: Speaker – “The Coming War for Blockchain Talent”

November 15-17: RESET Conference, El Paso Texas – “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

November 10th Morgan Stanley LatAM Conference – Miami, FL “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Nov 4th Temple University – Philadelphia – “Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto Currencies”

Oct 24-25 World Blockchain Summit – Dubai UAE: Speaker “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Oct 17 MassChallenge Mexico City: Speaker “Blockchain Tectonic Shift”

Oct 12 The Company Dime Speaker Series: Speaker, “Introduction to Blockchain”

Sept 15-16 CrypTrade Congress II, Antalya Turkey: Keynote: “Blockchain Tsunami”

Aug 15 KICKICO Conference, Moscow Russia: Speaker “ICO’s and Fraud”

Jun 26-27 Mobile Contactless Payments Innovations Summit, Chicago: Speaker “Blockchains impact on Payments and Remittances”

June 1-2 European Blockchain Expo – Berlin: Speaker “The Need for Blockchain Education”

May 17-18 The Trading Show – Chicago: Speaker “The Blockchain Tsunami”  Planelist “Bitcoin Bubble?”

May 3-5: Quantech Blockchain Innovations Conference – NYC: Speaker “Blockchain as a Disruptive Technology”

April 3-5: Blockchain Expo – London: Moderator “Blockchain’s Impact in the Financial Sector”

2016 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS – Bryant Nielson

Oct 24: Finninovation Summit – Philadelphia, PA: Speaker “Transformative Technologies”

To get Bryant to speak at your conference email us at: speaking@theblockchainacademy.com

Bryant Nielson
CEO/ Founder

Bryant Nielson is the Founder and CEO of The Blockchain Academy.

The Blockchain Academy offers both live and online video based programs, delivered by industry experts, on the role of blockchain, its impact on central banks, financial institutions, trade finance, settlement, smart contracts, IP as well as blockchain developer education.

Bryant has written extensively about Blockchain and is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences globally.  He has delivered talks at numerous conferences in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Milan, London, Mexico City, Moscow and Dubai.

Bryant is also an adjunct professor at Temple University where he teaches course on blockchain and emerging technologies.

He currently sit on the Board of Directors for the Government Blockchain Association.  Previously he was the Chairman of the GBA’s Training & Education working-group since 2017.

He is also the host of a blockchain podcast: Blockchain360.

The Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy Inc. is a global training company.  Delivering programs on bitcoin, blockchain protocols, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.  We a focus on three training channels, Senior Management/Stakeholders, Professionals and Developers. As part of our live & online training, we deeply integrate technology into our training curriculum which are used by corporations and universities.

Bryant leads a team of instructors and programmers which use ‘technology’ to enable learning on a global scale.  The Blockchain Academy Inc. maintains offices in the New York Metro area.

The Blockchain Academy
Website: http://www.TheBlockchainAcademy.com/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bryantnielson

 US +(212) 335-0097    speaking@TheBlockchainAcademy.com

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