The Core Skills of a “True” Blockchain Developer

Blockchain, being a revolutionary technology, has indeed opened a new arena of development called the blockchain development. This, in turn, has led to numerous job opportunities for the tech enthusiasts and developers. Even with such great job opportunities around, developers generally seem to be too confused about the direction they should take to become a true blockchain developer. In this view, we are planning to provide an innovative set of training programs to 10,000 blockchain developers in the next 36 months. This article serves as a guide for the fellow blockchain enthusiasts and developers who are planning to enter the world of blockchain development and ready to pass through the specialized training to exploit the reward of the hottest jobs in the tech industry.

The Blockchain Use Cases are Increasing

It has been a wonderful time for the cryptocurrency, but the star of the show is indeed the blockchain; a ledger regulated by the majority consensus, and which is virtually impossible to change. This security is the key aspect of the blockchain, and the tech world is loving it for that. The first of its kind technology that was brought to the world with the great invention of bitcoin.

Today, we see a lot of use cases of the blockchain, carrying various unique features and astonishing properties. The security feature that comes with this revolutionary technology captured both governments and businesses to implement or integrate blockchain with their existing infrastructure. To implement the blockchain within their system, as a scalable platform, and devise new products, ventures and databases based on blockchain, the businesses are demanding since long the true blockchain developers. Currently, blockchain developers and engineers are demanded more than any other engineers in the tech and software engineering.

So, how to be a true blockchain developer? Let us give you the fundamentals.

Being Starters, you don’t essentially have to build A Blockchain!

Being a blockchain engineer is often taken mistakenly in terms of the skills. When one hears a term “blockchain engineer”, or “blockchain developer”, one might think that they must know a ton about how to develop the entire blockchain from the scratch and have tears of onsite working experience. However, this is not true.

Handling the software developing using the blockchain comes under a separate stream. Hence, if you know to develop apps around the blockchain, you can surely enter the field as the blockchain developer.

The Blockchain Categorization Helps You Find Direction

To be a true blockchain developer, you must know where you want to go when it comes to blockchain development, since there are two categories:

  • Core Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain software developer

It is advised not to give up on your dream of being a true blockchain developer just because you don’t possess the knowledge of how to develop a blockchain solution. If you possess extraordinary software development skills and experience, you can leverage on that to be a blockchain developer.

The Required Software & Coding Skills

Now let us highlight some of the software and coding skills one needs to be aware of with, while on their path to be a successful blockchain developer.

  1. Getting Hands on experience with coding the languages

Just like other software-based implementation, the blockchain also requires coding to work or even to exist. The good news is that it doesn’t necessitate you to be familiar with a new cryptocurrency programming language. One of the most commonly used coding languages in the blockchain development is C++, a language that almost every software engineer or tech professional is familiar with.

It’s true! You can begin coding a blockchain by using C++. This objected oriented programming language is based on a short learning curve, making it easier even for the beginners to understand.

The inner system of the Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is coded in C++.

However, there are cryptocurrency blockchains that make use of various languages. For instance. Ethereum is coded with a language mix of C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Rust, Go, JavaScript etc.

We recommend the beginners to learn a couple of most popular and most widely used programming languages, including Solidity, C++, Python, Ruby and Java.

Know the Blockchain & its Functioning

The blockchain doesn’t work in isolation; it’s a mix of various elements, especially miners and the consensus mechanism. To be a blockchain developer, you must know how blockchain works in real-life cases and factors of failure that may demise the overall mechanism or system. These are the areas where most of your research should go into.

One of the ways to develop your understanding is to study the different ICOs in the market and their blockchain solutions. It would help you understand that even though the fundamental goal remains the same, the blockchain development can be diverse to bring new optimization capabilities.


Understand Cryptography

Cryptography and blockchain go hand in hand. Understanding cryptography is required to develop the code for the blockchain. Studying cryptography will also help you tailor the code to get the safest working system. However, security is not the only factor you must concerned about’ scalability also needs attention. As more and more users start using the blockchain, you must ensure that the blockchain can handle the added traffic.

Stay Relevant & Flexible

Indeed, the blockchain is new tech field, growing and evolving faster, which also makes it impulsive. Stay updated and track the direction of your overall progress of the things. Read new techniques that are trendy in the industry and experiment.

The Final Words

A lot of businesses have already crossed the testing stage and are using Blockchain exclusively. Technology firms like IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon have started using Blockchain, and more and more businesses are to follow their footsteps.

Being a Blockchain developer will not only put you into a new world of learning but also in the line of the highest earners in the tech industry. The blockchain is only going to rise, and so the demand for the blockchain developers. This is certainly the right time to get into Blockchain development.

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