What It Takes to be a Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way our digital world handles the data and conducts business. Initially developed as a supporting platform for bitcoin, the blockchain is showing a level of security and versatility that has made a lot of business sectors and governments think of putting it into their own use. With this into consideration, it is rational if you want to adopt a career that bears an enormous potential for fast growth, featuring a new dynamic technology, then you must think of being a blockchain developer. Do you know that blockchain engineers and developers have been ranked as the highest earning professionals globally in the tech and software industry? This ranking has been given by many of the popular job search sites and workforce survey platforms. In this view, we are planning to provide an innovative set of training programs to 10,000 blockchain developers in the next 36 months. This article presents a glimpse of what and how it takes to be a blockchain developer.

What is the job of a blockchain developer?

The short, yet wise answer is, a blockchain develop does develop the blockchains. That’s the easier side of the story. Let’s have aa serious look at what a blockchain developer actually does. To answer this question, you must first understand that there are two different kinds of blockchain developers; the core blockchain developer, and the blockchain software developer.

Are you a core blockchain developer or the blockchain software developer?

A core blockchain developer develops the architecture and the security of the blockchain system. He develops the foundation onto which others build upon then. Now, what is meant by “others”?

The others refer to the blockchain software developers, who use a core wen architecture developed by the developer to develop apps, especially the decentralized apps and the web varieties.

Maybe there are might be the cases where the same individual performs both these roles; most likely when the business is small scale and people conventionally wear more than one cap. In most of the case, the day to day roles and responsibilities of the blockchain developer are:

o Design the various Blockchain protocols

o Design the network architecture to be used for the centralizing and/or decentralizing data

o Backend development as per the Blockchain protocols

o Develop front-end designs as per client requirements

o Develop and control the smart contracts

As a blockchain developer, you must be able to develop creative solutions for real-life challenges including the solutions for control and command and high integrity. You must also perform the design, complex analysis, development, testing as well as debugging, specifically for different product hardware of the businesses. You will also be involved in the software design, computer system choice and operating architecture integration. Moreover, the blockchain developers also operate on various systems and use the more than one platforms and programming languages for their blockchain projects.

The Challenges to be a Blockchain Developers

Indeed, it is not easy to dive into this high-earning professional and start earning big right away. There are the obstacles being faced by the blockchain developers. They must work with legacy infrastructure with their limitations, while still fulfilling the expectations of the blockchain projects. They must encounter the challenges in understanding the technicality of implementing the decentralized ecosystem, processes that work beyond the conventional IT development skill-set and specialized blockchain development skills.

How to be a Blockchain Developer?

So, with all the stated responsibilities, how we can train the potential blockchain developers for the required skills to help them rise to the challenge of the blockchain development?

We have two backgrounds here; the blockchain hopefuls who are beginning fully from the scratch with no background in programming; and those having careers that have similarities with the blockchain.

To be a blockchain developer, is more about having that mindset. There are various kinds of people aspiring to be a blockchain developer, and they all have different mind sets. You will be surprised to know the fact I am going to say. Hacker mentality precisely makes a good blockchain developer. This is because the hackers can think out of the box when encountered with obstacles, instead of adopting conventional thinking. Team work and collaboration should be ensured. A true blockchain developer knows when to seek help with the problem and when to just keep playing away himself until he reaches some solution.

As far as the hottest skillset required by the industry, from the blockchain developers, is concerned, it includes their familiarity with bitcoin and cryptography, Solidity Coding, smart contract, and programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Python and SQL.

Moving to Blockchain development from a similar profession?

A lot of businesses, being aware of the growing potential of the blockchain, are upskilling their employees, empowering them to face the new tech. If you are among those employees, you have got a golden opportunity to reap the benefits.

Aside from other trainings, the authorized blockchain certification trainings are also useful as these are designed for the developers who want to understand the global craze around the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Such training programs often include the core structure and technical mechanisms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms, the latest tools to develop Blockchain applications as well as private Blockchain, deploying smart contracts on Ethereum and practical scenarios involving real-world projects.

We are hopeful that in the next 36 months, we will successfully be upskilling a bigger portion of the workforce that intends to be a true blockchain developer, to meet the increasing demand for the same presently and in future.